VIOG: a decentralized backup solution

A full fledged whitepaper is in the works. Creating a whitepaper takes almost as much time as developing the whole solution if done correctly, we chose to put the website and our goals online while we still work on the whitepaper. It will be available in the coming weeks.

How will our solution work?

Data sent to the VIOG system will be encrypted with your wallets private key, chopped into small grains which are marked and expanded with recovery data for other grains and sent to participating VIOG masternodes around the world. The location of your grains will be determined by the distance between the masternodes to ensure an as large as possible distribution.

To others the grains of data will look like a desert including the dust storms but to the holder of the key there will only be data that can be recovered without a long wait.

Using our tools you will be able to use existing backup software to store files securely in the VIOG system. All data is finely grained and encrypted before it leaves your system and sent directly to the destinations.


Buy storage

You will be able to buy storage from the tools provided by us directly, the actual storage will be paid in VIOG on a specific schedule.
The storage will be kept online as long as the wallet used to buy storage has enough provision. So it is key to keep your wallet filled with VIOG.

More details will follow, see our roadmap.


Sell storage

Extra income for masternode holders

The first masternode on a machine can provide disk space to use as storage for backup grains.
To maximize safety only one masternode per machine can supply storage space and the grains from a specific customer will be divided among masternodes as far apart as possible, we will use the geolocation of IP addresses to ensure this. You will get paid in VIOG on top of the masternode payments you already get. You masternode cannot disconnect more than a specific time (still to be determined).

More info will follow, see our roadmap.


VIOG Roadmap

July 2018: Development will begin on the whole new system

August 2018: First test will be performed of the backup system

September 2018: Large scale tests of the nearly finished product

Q3 2018: New wallets

Q4 2018: Roll out of the Backup system

Q1 2019: Mobile wallets for Android and iOS


News on VIOG

09/07/2018: New pool Added
We welcome Cryptopool, they have just added us: http://cryptopool.at.

04/07/2018: Reverted back to old blockexplorer
We reverted back to the previous blockexplorer, the new one wasn't stable enough.

03/07/2018: New blockexplorer online
The new blockexplorer also shows the number of masternodes online.

02/07/2018: New website online
Our new website is now live! Find anything you need here.

26/06/2018: VIOG on Masternodes.pro
We are happy to announce that VIOG is listed on Masternode.pro. You can see very interesting information about the masternodes like the revenue, number of nodes and more. You can find us here: https://masternodes.pro/stats/viog/statistics